"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
This holds true for you vehicle also.

Three Key Elements to Quality Auto Repair

Cars. While we drive them daily and depend on them all the time, most of us don’t really know how to work on them. Sure, we can open the hood and maybe check the oil, but when it comes to that noise in your wheel (or is it under the car?), we need an expert we can trust. When you’re choosing a shop to work on your car, be sure that they meet these top three things-or keep looking.

The first thing is to make sure that the technicians are all certified and acting professionally. When technicians are certified, the shop makes a point of displaying those certificates in the lobby or public area, so just look for them. If you see a lot more people working on the cars than you do certificates, ask why. As for technicians acting professionally, make note of how they are dressed, how they interact with you, and how the shop looks in general. All of these things show you that a shop is qualified to handle your auto repair job.

Secondly, make sure that the shop breaks down your auto repair estimate into a detailed list. There should be a section for labor, a section for paint and materials, and a section for parts. And, you’ll want to make sure you know if those parts are new, used, or what is sometimes referred to as remanufactured or “remanned.” There’s nothing wrong with using used or remanned parts-and in many cases it makes better financial sense-but you want to be sure the shop is forthright about the kinds of parts they’ll be using on your car. So make sure it’s on the estimate, and if it’s not, ask!

Lastly, ask questions about preventive maintenance. Find out if the shop routinely checks your tires, checks your oil and other fluids, and other types of “checks” that tell a good technician that it’s time to do some preventive maintenance. The best shop is one that routinely checks the “vitals” of your car before sending it back on the road.

When finding a shop or technician to handle your auto repair, you want a place that will handle all of your needs-not just the big-ticket items. You’ll want a shop that you can bring your car to for big or small auto repair jobs, and you want one that you can trust with every aspect of your auto repair.

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Auto Repair in Prattville, AL

Let’s face it, auto repair isn’t something that most people like to think of or try to figure out.  Many people dread having to have their auto repaired due to lack of knowledge of their vehicle, but others fear it due to hearing horror stories from friends and/or family of mechanics “doing them wrong”.

At Auto Save Tires in Prattville, Alabama you can trust us to be completely honest with you on all aspects, work diligently towards repairing your vehicle in the shortest amount of time possible and for the lowest amount of money possible. 

Here at Auto Save Tires we not only service tires, but our trained mechanics can service and repair any make and model of vehicle that you may have.  Our mechanics, of course, replace tires and do tire rotation but they also do everything else from brakes and oil changes to engine service and repair. 

We understand that you lead a busy life and depend on your vehicle to carry you and your loved ones to all of the important places that you need to go.  That is why at Auto Save Tires we work hard to make sure that your vehicle is in top condition.  We take pride in keeping your vehicle safe for the road and reliable for your family.

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Download our Mobile App!

Download our Mobile App!

Download our mobile app and stay informed of special offers, get free services using our loyalty program, send us photos and messages, schedule vehicle drop off, and much more.

Simply search for “autosave tires” in your app store or use the QR Codes below to download the app.


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Happy Holidays from Auto Save Tires

It’s the holiday season and with it comes a busy and sometimes hectic time of year. We want to take a moment to wish you all a happy and safe holiday season. We are so thankful for each and every one of you, and we wish you a holiday season filled with laughter and good memories.

From all of us at Auto Save Tires, Best wishes for a happy holiday season and our sincere thanks for your loyalty and goodwill throughout the year.

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